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NETT | August 2010

Intervie with NETT Magazine

Tell us a bit about your business.

Our core business is actually online marketing ( As a project on the side we also import fashion accessories from Austria.

Working in the fashion industry and online marketing ourselves we found that it was very hard to establish a new brand. Having discussions with colleges we realised that we all were sharing similar experiences. It's hard to promote a new label, difficult to engaging an audience, finance pr, promotion, setup websites and online stores, etc.

That's why we decided to setup the platform ColouredLIME to give young brands a platform to present themselves here in Australia and also overseas.

Using the Drop Ship Method ColouredLIME acts as a sales platform for young emerging labels and designer. Once a product is bought here in our online store the labels themselves get notified and ship the product to the buyer direct.

We also take care of all the media work and online advertising. ;-)

Why did you start a small business?

When I came to Australia 6 years ago I found it hard to find a Job. Having owned a Online Marketing / Media company in Austria with a Partner I just thought why not setup a small business here in Australia and do what we have done back overseas.

What inspired you?

ColouredLIME is purely inspired by creativity. What I find the most interesting thing about it is that I see it like a living organism. And like all living organisms you never know what happens to it next or which direction they are turning. So with ColouredLIME we are open for everything and ready to take the journey. What’s the next step for your business?

Having a partner in Vienna we are definitely trying to establish a platform for Australian and Austrian labels to open and to work on the opposite market. We are very proud to work closely together with the Austrian Chamber of Commerce. We are currently searching for and talking to investors. Big picture is to open ColoureLIME concept stores.

Which internet activities are you struggling with?

Internet activities is where we really feel at home and comfortable so there is no struggle just enjoyment. ;-) Still think Australia is 1-2 years behind Europe / America with what online world has to offer. So there are still huge opportunities to come.

What have you learnt about business online since you started reading Nett?

Can not mention anything in particular. But always find the articles very informative and true.

What are the 3 biggest issues that Australian small businesses face at the moment?

Especially in the Online industry there is big competition. It is getting so much easier and cheaper to set up online properties. But luckily the quality of the concept is and will be the key factor.

Finding time to work on projects / ideas, as we also have to earn money to pay for the bills.

Having worked small business in the online industry in Europe I think we are generally very lucky her in Australia.